VoIP vs SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol used for managing multimedia communication sessions. It is a protocol enabling VoIP that defines the sent and received messages, and oversees the essential elements of a call. SIP is widely used by businesses for video conferencing, media distribution, instant messaging, and more. If you have an existing IP PBX system, our SIP trunking services can combine voice and internet access over a single internet connection. You can optimize bandwidth, enhance productivity and meet peak traffic requirements across multiple business locations.

Cloud PBX services

Cloud PBX is a phone service provided through the internet instead of a phone line. The internet phone technology is helping businesses across the world benefit from convenient and cost-effective phone services.

With a hosted PBX, you don't have to invest in expensive equipment to deploy a complex business phone system while still making the most of all the telephony features your business needs. Our cloud PBX service handles call routing and switching at our facility, and we manage all the concerned PBX equipment and software.

Cloud PBX has many benefits. It is scalable, allowing you to deploy an unlimited number of lines, eliminates the cost of installing additional wiring for extra phone lines as seen in a traditional phone system, breaks down geographical barriers for global communication, and facilitates easier and more efficient business call management.

Our cloud PBX service is based on FusionPBX, a flexible, multi-platform interface offering unlimited extensions, call parking, call queues, voice-to-email and call center, and many other features. It is compatible with most operating systems and hardware.

Virtual NOC Engineer

A telecommunications network is managed by supervisors from a network operations center (NOC). An NOC has visualizations of the network(s) being monitored, workstations where network status details can be viewed, and the software necessary to manage the networks. AVR Networking's offsite NOC services continuously monitor your infrastructure and resolve problems before users are affected. Our NOC engineers provide proactive maintenance, handle remediation, and deliver significant cost savings.