Our beginning and history

True love for technology

Vigen, the founder of AVR Networking, truly has a love for technology. Sixteen years ago, his passion for technological innovation culminated into an incredibly successful business building customized computer rigs for those desiring great quality, excellent customer service and warranties. It was also at this point that he designed and patented a CPU cooling system that would drastically improve his mind-blowing computer rigs. While in the computer business, he established valuable connections with industry leading CPU and motherboard manufacturers. Never one to forget a customer, he also made great connections with those who bought his rigs.

High speed internet is a luxury that Vigen never took for granted, and he worked for several years to bring the alternative of satellite internet connection to countries without access to high speed Internet services. During this time, he negotiated and built relationships with prominent international satellite Internet providers and worked to change the way people in undeveloped areas receive Internet service.

In addition to designing computers and working to make satellite internet available, Vigen also has considerable skill in developing fiber optic networks. He designed, supervised and coardinated the fiber optic network's development based on SDH/DWDM/CWDM technologies and introduced Gepon (Triple Play) technology in low-tech, developing countries, bringing them up to speed in the Age of Information. Transactions concerning the telecom trunk network construction, trade agreements, tax regulations, and other technical details played a factor in his project, and Vigen navigated all these pitfalls successfully and productively.

We help you think about technology in a strategic way

Studies have shown that organizations with a strategic vision for IT infrastructure and focused on increasing revenue and competitive advantage significantly outperform their peers.
Our IT service company collaborates effectively with you to utilize your IT infrastructure as a catalyst to drive business results.

Managed IT Services

We are here to keep your business running at peak performance always.

AVR Networking offers a comprehensive range of Managed IT services designed to give your company the competitive edge in your niche. We have immense experience serving small and large sized businesses and we understand the unique complexities inherent in these environments. Our technical expertise and impeccable customer service allow us to give you highly responsive managed IT solutions that conform to COBIT and ITIL best practices guidelines. Our managed IT services include monthly IT Support, network services, server support, system administration, desktop optimization

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IT Consulting

Our guidance enables your business processes and maximizes value from your IT investments.

Our IT consultants help in first scoping out the business requirements to understand IT capability needs such as

the results the solution must deliver,

the volumes/size of the solution, and

the maximum expendable budget.

We then examine solutions in the market, run the request for proposal (RPF) process for procurement, advise on software/hardware integration and/or configuration, and develop the project/program plan as necessary.

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VoIP Services

We maximize network availability and performance and provide first-class technical support

AVR Networking's VoIP and SIP trunking services improve business productivity and processes while reducing communication costs. California businesses turn to us for communication options for staying connected with staff and customers, reducing the number of missed calls, call diversions, and voicemail-to-email.

In the simplest terms, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows phone calls to be made and multimedia sessions to be conducted over the internet. It is typically deployed in conjunction with an application such as Skype through IP-enabled PBX hardware or a hosted VoIP service. AVR Networking provides business VoIP services and products from authorized manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, and more.

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